Software Developer with a Game Design background fascinated with performance-driven architecture, solving problems and advancing the craft one bug at a time.


  • Languages
    • C - C++ - Python - Rust - Zig - C#
  • Frameworks / Technologies
    • Unreal Engine - Unity - Raylib - Flask - SQLite
  • Environment
    • Linux - Git - Docker - Apache/Nginx
  • Art
    • Blender - Photoshop - Vector


(2017 - Present, Part-Time) Coach
Coach specializing in the First-Person Shooter (FPS) genre. Planning personalized training strategies to optimize players' skills and performance, analyzing game footage to identify areas of improvement, and providing actionable feedback and guidance to help clients reach their potential.

(2023) Arctic Hub
Worked in a team as a C# Unity developer on a game aimed at educating players about the external and internal challenges faced by reindeer herders.

(2020, 2022) Arcade Britannia VR - Research Internship
Focused on 3D modelling and texturing historically accurate arcade cabinets for game engine use. Assisted in project management, hardware and software configuration required to run the game on an actual arcade cabinet.


  • Canterbury Christ Church University
    • (2022-2023) Games Design MA
    • (2019-2022) Games Design BA, 1st Class Honours
  • Canterbury College
    • (2015-2017) IT BTEC Level 3 (D, M)
  • Chaucer Technology School
    • (2013-2015) GCSEs


Lift ( )
Lift is a simpler alternative to CMAKE for smaller modern projects. It provides a Rust Cargo-like interface for initializing and compiling projects quickly. Users can customise compilation parameters by adjusting default variables and subscribing to event hooks in a generated Python configuration file.

Python/Flask Student Portal
Developed a user-facing interface for students of an educational facility. The project involved designing a front end, a custom backend for interacting with a local database using Python and Flask, and setting up and deploying to a local Linux server.